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Personal Rapid Transit as City Transportation

Try as we might, it is clear we cannot build our way out of the rapidly growing congestion we face. Could personal rapid transit (PRT) be the solution needed?

PRT uses driverless automobile-size vehicles (transportation pods or T-Pods) in a practical way that is already being implemented around the world. PRT vehicles operate on guideways separated from other traffic and from pedestrians. Stations are off-line allowing non-stop origin-to-destination travel.

This also allows systems to have numerous stations without impacting overall travel speeds. This in turn means that walking distances are short. Empty vehicles are pre-positioned in stations where demand is anticipated resulting in very short wait times.

In summary, PRT is a form of transit that:

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PRT is now commercially available from three different vendors. Many studies have shown that, because of its high level of service, (it is much more like a car than like transit) PRT could attract significant numbers of drivers from their cars. It has the ability to dramatically reduce (but not eliminate) our reliance on the automobile and facilitate the development of cities that are radically more livable than the car-dominated ones we presently live in.

In addition to the above service benefits PRT:

Download the 12-page Sustainable City Enabled by Personal Rapid Transit.pdf
or download The Perfect City presentation from the 2010 Heathrow PRT Conference.pdf